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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Coach Doug Burse From Mona Shores Carries A Message

Eddie Sanders Jr. is back and in his first report of 2017 Eddie invited Coach Doug Burse from the Mona Shores Varsity Basketball team to come in and talk a little about the path it took him to get to the position and in a remarkable's certainly not the road most traveled.

Honestly...could you think of a better coach than a guy with the nick name "Dr. Dunk?"

Coach Burse played on the 78 and 79 Championship teams for the Muskegon Heights Tigers.  After a stunning career on the courts, life caught up with Doug and like anyone can, he fell into the throws of addiction.  Crack was his drug of choice, and like so many who never plan to end up addicted, it happened and it took 10 years of his life away while he struggled.  The bottom was hit 20 years ago and Western Michigan Teen Challenge was where Doug went to find a new path.
Mona Shores Varsity Basketball Schedule

Those who have suffered an addiction know, life changes dramatically.  What once seemed impossible and unattainable become the benchmarks of life post addiction.  There is an overwhelming drive to share the experience and message with others.  It's particularly important to most that they reach young people before they fall into the same path.

Coach Burse couldn't be in a better role now.  Working as a para-pro, security person and coach at Mona Shores was preceded by his role at Muskegon Heights schools.  Today, he carries the respect of the students, families and community with great pride.  He's able to speak to kids on a level that few can understand, but being sober since 1993 is a better life education than any book could ever teach.

WM Teen Challenge

Coach Burse sat down to talk with Eddie Sanders Jr. and share his story of what life has become since his miracle happened.  He talks about how he reaches kids today and how much his family has been a part of his "new life".  It's an interview you can't miss.  This is honestly one of the most positive stories we've ever had on Positively Muskegon.  Take a listen below.

Speaking first know that people like Doug...and Eddie are out there sharing their story, working to make a difference in the lives of young people and our community is elemental in the future.  The ability to overcome and inspire is a gift that only comes from Divinity and as anyone who's struggled's a gift that has to be given away to be kept.  We have truly remarkable people in Muskegon and Coach is living testimony of our great community.

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  1. Congratulation to both of you gentlemen for the work you are doing, Thank you.