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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from Positively Muskegon - Gather Round and Listen

It's Christmas Eve morning!  I wanted to take a couple of minute and just talk to you, so here I am.

First off please accept my humble thanks for bring here!  I have been showing our growth at milestones....I hope you've seen them.  I am not sharing them out of boastfulness, but more over....I want you to see first hand the impact I am shooting for telling Muskegon's story the way it should be told.

There is much pride in this community and it needs to be shared!

The ticker of this blog stands at 165,786 page views this morning.  Not bad since it's only been a year and a couple months. It's a good sized number for sure, but to me it's not about numbers or income or who's in the lead.  To me, it's a number of people who believe.  Believe in the fact that good people of any means make this community what it is.  One day, I may be interviewing the heard of a huge company....the next it might be a woman asking for shampoo donations for her homeless pantry.  It's the people of Muskegon who deserve the starring role here.  Those who don't give up and those who make sure needs are met no matter how large or small.

I'd like to extend a special thinks to the local candidates that came on the blog too.  I'll tell you...I think they were surprised that someone cared enough to give them a platform more than a couple of quick sound bytes to talk about what they wanted to run for office for.  Unlike what we saw in the general election, our candidates kept it clean, professional and above the hog wash we heard elsewhere.  It made this years decision very hard for me locally on who to vote for.  Muskegon held it head high through all that.....and we all won.  Thanks too to the candidates for helping share their stories and help grow our audience.

I really get a kick out of talking to people about the blog.  I get a bigger kick out of those who try to explain it to others.  "Well, it's a "movement" called Positively Muskegon"  or "It's a group".  I guess it's a little of both, but let me spring the real secret on you.

Positively Muskegon isn't a movement or group or anything really.  It's us.  It's Muskegon saying enough is enough of others telling our story.  It's the opportunity for those in high places to talk about big things and it's a place for those with little to have a chance to be seen and heard.  Positively Muskegon is by's for us....and it's about us!  All of us!  It's news reported without the's a conversation that doesn't drive you to click on 500 more sites and in the end of it deepest hope is that Positively Muskegon is what I am remembered for.

I came here with nothing....I have found my home and my place in the world......and it's Muskegon Michigan.  Positively Muskegon is my simple thank you to the city who loved me through it all....and gave me a second chance and a life beyond measure.

In closing...a very heartfelt thanks to the sponsors of this blog.  I never set out to make this my living, but as a few come along and said they'd like to be seen on the blog, it's kept a roof over our head.  My transition from being an employee to guy one his own had some scary moments....but I knew that I was doing the right thing, for the right reasons in the right community.  If by chance I go back to being an employee....this will continue on and we'll continue to let the rest of the world see Muskegon for what it truly is.  Home

Merry Christmas Muskegon!

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