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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Grand Opening! Yodels Frozen Yogurt Opens in North Muskegon's mid Decembeer.....but hey... let's celebrate a grand opening of a frozen yogurt shop anyway!  This is Muskegon after all and who says delicious treats are exclusive to the warms Summer months?  Let's be honest....we have way more cold months than we do warm bring on the goodies!

Yodels Frozen Yogurt is now open on Holton Road in Muskegon!

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It's been a pretty good year for new business openings in Muskegon. We've seen some really cool openings in the Downtown Muskegon neighborhood.... Muskegon Heights continues to grow with more community events and business.... Norton Shores and Fruitport seem to be booming in the right areas and North of town... well, things got a little sweeter with Yodels opened the doors on December 9th!

Offering a variety of flavors of yogurt and a huge selection of toppings to customize your treat anyway you like!  The reviews have been great and the atmosphere is described at "cozy and inviting".  From the looks of the photos on their Facebook can get everything from Fruity Pebbles to chocolate chips and plenty of fruit too!

Nik Tong and his wife Stacy are the folks bringing the sweets to the north side.  I had a chance to catch up with them when I stopped by the shop locates at 1971 Holton Road.  Take a listen to our chat below!

An opening is always something to celebrate!  Muskegon....ya, it's plenty unconventional to open a frozen yogurt shop in December!  Gives you plenty of time to make sure you've got all of the favorite flavor and topping combinations down so when it DOES get warm again... you'll be ready to roll with a delicious treat!  Best of luck to Yodels!  See below!!  There really are Fruity Pebbles on there!

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