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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Help The Eagles Club Provide a Warm Winter for Area Kids

Everyone love The Eagles Club.  I mean think of the fish fry's, the "public welcome" special events...wait a sec....let's stop for a second and learn what the real Fraternal Order of Eagles is all about.

I'll quote Wikipedia -

"The Fraternal Order of Eagles was founded on February 6, 1898. The organization was formed by six theater owners sitting on a pile of lumber in Moran's shipyard in Seattle, Washington. They were competitors who had come together to discuss a musicians’ strike. After deciding how to handle the strike, they agreed to "bury the hatchet" and form an organization dubbed, "The Order of Good Things." 

Early meetings were held on local theater stages, and after taking care of business, attendees rolled out a keg of beer and enjoyed social time. As numbers grew, participants selected the bald eagle as the official emblem and changed the name to "The Fraternal Order of Eagles." 

FOE Home Page
The organization's success is also attributed to its funeral benefits (no Eagle was ever buried in a potter's field), the provision of an aerie physician, and other membership benefits.[3] The Eagles pushed for the founding of Mother's Day, provided the impetus for Social Security, and pushed to end job discrimination based on age. The Eagles have provided support for medical centers across the United States and Canada to build and provide research on medical conditions. Every year they raise millions of dollars to combat heart disease and cancer, help children with disabilities, and uplift the aged and infirm.
The Fraternal Order of Eagles is known for short as the F.O.E." was quoted :)

Locally, The Fraternal Order of Eagles work to take care of needs locally, like the need for kids to have warm clothes as the cold winter months approach.  I was asked by Sheri Frankhouse and Janet Bisson to stop by the Eagles in Fruitport to hear a little more about the club as well as a fun event coming up to help them.

Sounds like fun with great people out to do their share in making the Winter months better for kids and families who would otherwise go without.  Jump on the bus...enjoy the trip and benefit some local kids. Hey, you might even find a membership in the FOE is just what you were looking for....that way all your friends can beg to hang out with you during the next fish fry or
"open to the public" night.  Thanks to Sheri for coming on Positively Muskegon.

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