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Friday, August 5, 2016

The Northside Family Fun Fest In North Muskegon August 11th-13th

Community!  It's really what any locality should be.  Friends and neighbors getting together to stroll around, enjoy some fun and friends and try something new.  We've got lots of opportunities to do that in Muskegon.  We're lucky too to be able to have a short drive to just about anywhere to catch up with friends who live in different neighborhoods, try some of the "local" eats and you the end of the day...feel right at home in any neighborhood.

Click Here for the City of North Muskegon's Page

Taste of the Northside is coming up in North Muskegon, part of the Family Funfest,  August 11th-13th.  It all gets underway at 6pm on Friday the 11th and will be a weekend filled with activities for kids and adults, a beer and wine tent, parade, some great live music by the Jamii Szmadinski Band, Betty Page and more!  There will be fireworks at the Bear Lake Beach and of course....plenty to eat from some of North Muskegon's best eateries!

Let's not forget about the Northside Lions Pancake Breakfast, the Friends of the Library book sale, the art fair and the kick off parade Thursday night right down Ruddiman!  Wow!!  It's going to be a busy weekend in North Muskegon.  I was lucky enough to catch up with Lee Ann Clausen from the City of North Muskegon to get some more details.  Have a listen to our chat below.

Summer's getting closer and closer to Fall but it's good to know that around Muskegon....the fun keeps going.  We're very fortunate to have an area filled with so many people who are willing to give of their time, treasure and talent to make sure we are entertained, informed, fed...and most of all....together!  Make plans to head up and enjoy what North Muskegon has to offer!  Here's a link to the Facebook event page!

Family Funfest Facebook Page

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