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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Patriot Ride to Benefit Every Woman's Place

Muskegon is long known for protecting those who need the help.  Of course, all of that takes some resources and what better way to do just that than a nice ride on your motorcycle taking off from a premiere event in Muskegon?

The Patriot Ride leaves from Biketime at the Rez July 17th at 10 am and there is a suggested donation of $10 to participate in this ride with the funds going to help Every Woman's Place and the Webster House.

The work that goes on at Every Womans's Place and the Webster House isn't anything people like to discuss....yet every year women have to turn to Every Woman's Place to escape abusive relationships and teens turn to the Webester House as opposed to living homeless on the streets.  They are both scary subjects....taboo to most, but the thing is...Muskegon always finds a way to help.  It's a humbling thing.

Patriot Ride on Facebook

You'll be off on a 2 hour escorted ride and experience a LOT more of what Muskegon has to offer.  Scenic beauty, nice neighborhoods and of course.....that big puddle of water to the West we call Lake Michigan.  If you're in town from other gotta see it!

I was able to catch up with and Lori Rasmussen at Every Woman's Place to hear a little more about the event!  Take a listen to our chat.

I don't talk much about my charitable donations.  I was brought up to let charity be quiet....but, I will tell you this.  Every time I have had the ability to donate some cash, or something of value to an organization...I have donated it to Every Woman's Place and the Webster House.  The thought of an abused woman enrages me....the struggle of some teens....breaks my heart.  To know that we have the people an resources in Muskegon to help in either situation....I will do all I can, when I can.  You....just go on a great ride for a great cause!  Click on the image below for more info on the ride!!

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