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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Muskegon Area District Library Millage - What You Need to Know...

Am I a journalist?  I dunno.  I write a blog...and I am able to state an opinion from time to time and possibly share a few thoughts with you when something's on my mind, so...I guess this might be one of those times.  Consider me less of a journalist if you must....but I have a few words for you.

I literally cannot believe we're at the point where people are out there thinking that the Muskegon Area District Library System is an "option" for the area.

An "option" we have to vote on to sustain the LIBRARY.  Look, I am not the brightest bear in the woods or anything, but let me explain to you how this works.  You see, you're not voting to pass the library millage because of you.  You are voting to pass the library millage so the guy down the street can rely on it when he needs it.  You're voting to pass the library millage to pass so the kid who needs the space to study things and learn more can make it thru college.  You're voting to assure that there is a summertime reading program, story archive.

More on the Millage
You're voting for your community.  That's how community building works... you make sure there are enough shared resources like parks, library's, the occasional town beer tent....these are the things that add to the quality of life, and in a world of never ending belt tightening, well...I get it, but we have to build communities not continue to to pick them a part by not wanting to spend $25 bucks a year on it.
With that being said...I was able to catch up with a guy who knows a lot about library's.  He's the Head Librarian for the State of Michigan, Randy Riley.  He was at the Norton Shores branch of the MADL today and spoke to what libraries do for a community and why we can't let it go.  Have a listen to our chat below.

I'd like to thank Randy for coming on and sharing some thoughts.  Hey, like I confessed...I don't use the library much, but that doesn't mean that others need it.  It's essential to any city.  It's important to protect our own history and have a central place to share information.  Get out and vote in the primary please, and please vote to pass the MADL millage.

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