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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Psssst! Hey!! Muskegon!! Get a load of this!

Psst....hey...guess what?!?  We did it!  We really did it!

In a world of question marks, tension and doubting your common man.... we did it!
We all got along...we walked the streets, we talked....we welcomed people in from out of town and you know...they had a good time.  There were kids, teens and every color and creed getting along.  Kids were buzzing around on Power Wheels Choppers....that kid will remember that for the rest of his life...and guess what?  He formed that memory HERE!

Judging from the non stop and I mean NON STOP traffic I saw coming out of Muskegon last night about 10:30....I am guessing they were going away impressed....they sure stuck around long enough!

I can't draw comparison between which festival did what when it comes to whatever,,,,,I couldn't get to both of them honestly, with my work schedule this weekend....but, you know?  Who really cares where they were.  The important thing is they were HERE!

I am proud of the efforts of many who truly gave of their time talent and treasure to help make something this completely this transformation....the complete opposite of what the world sees and hears about us....I feel GOOD!  I feel ALIVE.....this is how town outta feel!  Imagine flexing this muscle a little more often!  Think of the jobs it would create...think of the people who might come for the soup de jour of a street party!  Think of the yards that can get parked in for $5 a car....think of it!  Those who put the effort in should be applauded publicly!

We did it Muskegon.  Hold your head high tomorrow!

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  1. Applause and Kudos and much thanks to all the volunteers that gave their time and effort to Rebel Road and Bike Time and the revenue that was generated for the Muskegon County and the people that visited. Although I didn't have the opportunity to see the motorcycles at either Rebel Road or Bike Time 2016; I did however get to see some Bikers and their motorcycles at my job at Taco Bell at 1431 East Apple Avenue on Saturday,July 16,2016 for breakfast. So, I know that Rebel Road and Bike Time brings in people from out of state and brings a big boost to the economy for Muskegon County.