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Friday, July 15, 2016

Meet Candidate Dennis Murphy Who's Running for US House of Representatives for the 2nd District

We opened the floor to our local candidates so they can share their thoughts with you on why they are seeking office.  We've talked to a LOT of candidates..every office from Sheriff to State Rep's, judges...and now... we're happy to report...even those in the federal races have taken notice of the little blog here and they'd like your attention too for a moment!

We live in Michigan's 2nd district for the US Congress.  It's made up of Muskegon, Ottawa, Oceana, Newaygo and Lake counties and Dennis Murphy grew up in Muskegon and is now from Grandville would like to take a minute to get to know you and let you know where he stands when it comes to the future of the "West Coast" of Michigan.

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Dennis Graduated from Muskegon High School and attended WMU to get a bachelors degree in education.  he's taught music at both the high school and college levels and now works as a quality engineer in automotive manufacturing.  He's passionate about the people and natural resources our area offers.  He and his family are avid cyclists, hikers and outdoors people.  He's promising to work for educational as well as employment opportunities for the younger generation to assure that the middle class is growing.  He's also an advocate for seniors working to improve Social Security as well as Medicare.

Dennis took a couple minutes out of his busy schedule to come on to Positively Muskegon to talk about his platform and his desire to make the Lakeshore a better place for all!  Take a listen to our chat below.

Wow.  To say that I thought Positively Muskegon would catch the attention of candidates running for US Congress is...well, it's almost unimaginable.  One little blog going to so many people who believe in better and now, they have taken notice all the way to DC.  I am honored to say the least that Dennis Murphy thought of us to get in touch with you and ask for your vote!  Learn more about Dennis at his website which you will find linked below!


  1. Mr. Murphy says the thought that SS is not going to be there when we retire is a deliberate tactic and that we can choose for it to be there, but he fails to acknowledge the $19.x Trillion elephant in the room, which is the outrageous spending beyond revenue in the federal government and the trend of it getting worse. We can't have all these programs that an FDR style progressive (read:socialist) democrat wants without confiscatory taxation, or firing up the printing press and inflating our money. The first and most important issues for Congress should be to get the fiscal house in order, then protect our soverignty and freedoms. If the federal government does not have to be involved in something, it should not be involved.

  2. There is a way in which federal spending should be brought under control, this is true, but the assumption that spending should be cut in social programs and not it military spending, which constitutes over half of out the budget, comes from racist and classist notions of American society. In the South during the antebellum period, state governments provided almost no services because the slave aristocracy controlled the governments and they already supplied themselves with education as the like. After the Civil War, when Southern states finally developed public schools and other state programs for the people, the former agrarian aristocracy opposed state spending as "wasteful" and "intrusive" on the part of the government, not because it was actually wasteful, but because it was using the money of the wealthy to pay for services for the common citizen.

    In the 1950s and 60s, when Black people made gains in their access to public services through the civil rights movement, white people of all classes began to oppose social programs, not because they were "wasteful" or "paternalistic" but because Black people stood to benefit from them. Privatization, a trend most people see having started in the 70s or 80s, began in the South in the 60s as a reaction to integration of schools: privatize the schools and make them white only, that way we can maintain segregation. Christian schools attempted the same practice but were struc down in 1980-81 in the Bob Jones supreme court case.

    The only "elephant in the room" is the assumption that taxes steal from the rich to give to the poor. In fact, wage labor itself is the true "confiscatory" practice that robs labor of the wealth it creates. The disdain for the working class and underclass people in the country needs to cease before we cane have anything representing a democracy. Until then, elitist ideologies will continue to guide our policy-making decisions, and minority and poor people will continue to be subjected to the same aristocratic form of governance that both Black and white labor were subjected to in the antebellum South.