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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sheriff Dean Roesler Talks About His Term and Why He's Running for Re-Election in Muskegon County

We've had a front row seat to meet a lot of really great candidates.  We've also taken the approach to meeting our local candidates as more of a get to know the person running as opposed to the usual fever pitch when it comes to elections.  The invitation is open to anyone running for office and it's our way of letting you get to know the person before you head in to vote.

Muskegon County Sheriff Dean Roesler took the time out to come on Positively Muskegon to talk about his time in office and his campaign for re-election this fall.  We've had a great turn out from all the candidates for Muskegon County Sheriff.  It's going to be a tough decision for voters!

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Dean has been the Muskegon County Sheriff since 2008.  In that time he's kept the families, neighborhoods and communities safe through numerous budget cuts and economic challenges according to his campaign website.  Dean's mission statement is pretty clear.  To create a safe living environment for the citizens of Muskegon County.  To reduce the incidents of crime in the areas where the deputies work and to increase the availability of Muskegon County deputies to the citizens of Muskegon County.

Have a listen to the chat between Dean and I below to hear more from the man himself!

Many thinks to Dean for taking the time to come on and tell you why he's the guy who should retain the job and continue to be Sheriff of Muskegon County.  Thanks to you too for taking a few minutes to be a more informed voter.  I think all of our candidates appreciate the fact that people are taking a few minutes to learn more!  If you'd like to visit the Roesler campaign at his official website, use the link below!

Visit the Roesler Campaign Website

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