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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Rollin' on Western - Tuesdays Come to Life in Muskegon

Muskegon.  We don't have this...we don't have that....but if you stop and think about it....what else do we really need?  The key to ANY city with momentum and and any community that attracts what we have coming out the wazoo!  It's people!

Muskegon is filled with fun loving people who work hard, play hard and at the end of the day they are glad to get up and do it all over again.  If it's just the day to day grind or when people take some time off to help pull off one of the large festivals over the course of the summer!

Should we contain that to just the festivals?  Hell no!

Tuesday nights....Downtown Muskegon has a new spark's called Rollin' On Western.  Western is indeed our "main street".  Do we have a blues series?  Not yet.  Do we have ample outdoor seating?  Yup.   Do we have the Muskegon Motorcycle Club on board to help promote the event and give people something to look at Tuesdays?  Yup!  Miller Lite helping out as a sponsor?  Uh Huh!  Do we have plenty of parking, food, fun and things to do....well...we're working on it.  In fact two of the hardest working people on it are names Ron Madison and Ellen Berrends.  Ron owns Racquets Downtown Muskegon and Ellen works for Downtown Muskegon's a 1-2 punch when it comes to launching another reason to enjoy a great burger and a beer, a stroll up and down the street, meet some friends shake a few hands and when you're done...head home satisfied that we're heading in the right direction when it comes to making Downtown Muskegon OUR Downtown and a great place for people to gather.

I was able to get with Ron and Ellen for a few minutes  to learn a little more about the fledgling event and if they have any particular themes in mind for reasons to come Downtown Muskegon.  Have a listen to our interview below.

It's all hands on deck!  We are a community on the move and YOU are as big a part of it as anyone!  Come out!  Enjoy!  Bring your bike, your jeep, you unicycle...whatever.  Have a great burger at Racquets....Enjoy the patio at the Holiday Inn.  Smash Wine Bar and Bistro....Mikes Inn, Pigeon Hill, Unruly, Rebel Pies, Top Shelf....heck, they stay busy and guess what?  MORE bars and restaurants will be along in no time.  Do some shopping in artisan shops.  Bring the kids to the Alcoa Splash Pad or just hang out and enjoy some Downtown Muskegon volley ball!  It's all waiting for the last piece of the puzzle.... YOU!

To connect with the Rollin' on Western Tuesday event, click on the Muskegon Motorcycle Club event logo you see below and follow along on Facebook.

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