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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Muskegon's Visit From Americorps Youth - What They Did and Saw

We had some visitors early this summer.  The Americorps NCCC team had a group of young people in town working on a few projects and working to learn how to serve communities and people along the way.  My first exposure was from a friend that asked if I could think of anyone to help keep them entertained in their downtime while they are here.  I made a few calls and got some pretty amazing offers form places to play and eat!  Tickets to Thunderbird Raceway were offered up instantly and Dog N Suds of Muskegon said "let's feed them".  All great ways to say thanks!

As I thought tho, I thought.... "Let's take the opportunity to talk to someone who's not from here, has no real preconceived notion about what Muskegon is all about and some people who are young enough hopefully to still see life thru the "glass is half full" point of view."

Americorps Volunteers Treated to Dinner at Dog N Suds 
How do we do as a community?  How do we compare to other places these people come from?  What to they see as our strengths and where could we improve?

I met up with Tina and Nathan at the United Way which was their "headquarters" while they were here in town.  The questions and answers are not rehearsed.  We just rolled to talk and learn.  Take a listen to the chat below.

Remarkable young people.  They needed a way to be productive and they siezed the day by becoming part of Americorps.  If you are interested in more information or maybe joining them to get out and see more of the world we live in,, click on the link below.  As a community, we owe a debt of grattitude to these young people.  Thank you from all of us in Muskegon!!

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