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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Meet Geoffrey Nolan - Candidate for District Court Judge in Muskegon

Politics?  Not really here on Positively Muskegon, think that somehow we can just bury our head in the sand about the fact that 2016 is a very big election year in Muskegon and a lot of people are running because they want to be part of the future of this great area and make an impact.  We will make time for any candidate to come on the blog and talk about their desire to take the lead and continue the momentum we have going here in town.  The nice thing too, is we're asking all the candidates to just tell their story....and what motivates them to want to take a role!

The name Nolan in Muskegon is pretty recognizable.  Long known for their prowess as attorneys here in town, they have been a family in the legal business for quite some time.  Geoffrey Nolan is running for the District Court Judge seat in Muskegon this year.

A district court judge presides over jury trials.  A district court judge is also often considered the "work horse" of the legal system as they preside over criminal and civil cases.  It's not an easy job and it's not a job most people ever really want to come into contact a perfect world no one would ever have to go to court, but the decisions have to be made and those who strive to make them are very important to living in a fair and just country.

I had only met Geoffrey Nolan once quickly before today, we had a chance to sit and talk a little about his legal past, how he sees his role in the District Court and why he'd like your vote this year,  Take a listen to our talk below.

There are great people in Muskegon who are willing to make a career out of making sure everyone has a fair and just legal system.  Our thanks to Geoffrey Nolan for taking a little time today to talk about his candidacy and encourage you to get out and vote.  We truly have the power to make Muskegon be a great place.  A little info and a little action is all it takes on everyone's part!

If you'd like to know more about the Nolan campaign, please, use the link below to follow them on Facebook.

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