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Watch Us Go!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A Secret Positively Muskegon YOU Have to Open To Read!!

200th Story!!  It's a story about you!  The stars of Positively Muskegon!  Those who care enough to get out front an be community leaders!  You who work quietly behind the scenes with amazing talents and work for the greater good in humble ways.  People who are proud of what we've got and what we're building.

We've found a way to connect!  We've found a way to share what's going on in different neighborhoods....we've found a way to celebrate the people that make up this community and we did it in 200 stories!  We've grown closer as a community and I am not the only one who feels the momentum turning our way!

You've made it happen in 200 stories....there's a WHOLE lot more to go.....but we got this!

Very Humbly

Andy O

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