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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Opening Weekend at the Getty 4 Drive In!!

I'll freely admit that I have been here long enough to start to take a few things for granted!  Beaches, events, people, business....we all know what Muskegon holds and we all have our favorites but last week I was served a very big reminder about just how much the Getty 4 Drive In is loved in Muskegon!

I stuck my camera out the window as I was sitting at the intersection of Getty and Summit.  I always look over that way to see the old radio station site, and I snapped a picture of the marquee at the Getty 4.  It said Opening April 15th, so I posted it to Positively Muskegon's Facebook page and thought some people would get a kick out of it!  Well, that happened!!

Getty 4 on Facebook
From the snapshot, 807 people hit "like" on it, 1,147 people shared it and 33 took the time to comment on a great memory or two they had over the years going to the Getty 4.  On average, a Facebook friends list has about 390 friends.  With 1,147 people sharing that post....that's got the potential to reach 447,330 people.  HOLY COW!  People love the Getty 4!!

I figured since such an auspicious occasion was happening it might be a great time to get together with Tom Bitson and talk about opening weekend, what's playing and what to expect from what appears to be one of Muskegon's greatest treasures....the good old All American Drive In!!  Take a listen to the chat below!

The times have changed, the technology has changed but the atmosphere and excitement of heading out to the drive in is still very much alive in Muskegon.  If you are within driving distance, we'd like to invite you out for a great time, just like you remember it and enjoy a night out at the Getty 4 this Spring and Summer!  We know you're in for a treat!!  For shows, show times and prices, click below for the Celebration Cinema website!

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