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Monday, March 28, 2016

Heels for Meals Benefits AgeWell Services Meals on Wheels

For senior citizens, keeping a good diet going often becomes a challenge.  Especially if they are living alone.  Proper nutrition is important, the occasional visit from someone to make sure things are ok is an added bonus.  Problem is, sometimes it's hard financially and other times, well....not everyone has the motivation to make sure they are eating right.

Meals on Wheels helps in this case!

Learn More About AgeWell Services
Kris Collee is the Executive Director at AgeWell Services at Tanglewood Park and came by to talk a little bit about the growing need for service from Meals on Wheels.  We've talked aobout childhood hunger here, but it's equally important to make sure our senior community is taken care of too.

There is a benefit coming up at the Watermark 920 Saturday April 23rd called Heels for Meals.  It will be an elegant affair with signature martinis, great food, wine, a shoe fashion show and more!!  We'll let Kris tell you more in the video below!

It's going to be a grand affair and so vital to help continue the work AgeWell Services does for our senior community!  You can click on the logo below for the event page on Facebook!  Head out on April 23rd for a great night of fun for all the right reasons!

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