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Monday, March 28, 2016

GE Aviation of Muskegon Benefiting The March of Dimes at The Rusty Spoke

GE Aviation of Muskegon would very much like to invite you out this Saturday night for an evening of fun featuring live music from Lipstick and Lincolns, a great taco bar and plenty of awesome auction items from all over the area and it's all to benefit the March of Dimes!

GE Aviation might not be your first thought when it comes to Muskegon, but the employees there are as dedicated to our community as they are the amazing products they help build parts for.  AWESOME jet engines!

I had a chance to catch up with Leslie Adams and Linda Cady fro GE Aviation of Muskegon to talk a little about the party and a number of great things that GE Aviation does in and around the community.  How they have worked as a team and company to meet and exceed their goals to help out where needed within the Muskegon area.  Have a listen to the chat below!

Positively Muskegon is all about celebrating the work that goes on in Muskegon and might go un noticed.  Do you hear about GE Aviation in the news every day?  Probably not, but quietly and with as much dedication as anyone, they continue to do their part to make Muskegon a great place!  We like to celebrate everyone's contributions to Muskegon, big company or little!  Click on the event flyer below to see the event on Facebook!

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