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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Earth, Wind and Tired! Muskegon Winter Sports Complex Hosts a 5K!

By most accounts, it was a pretty mild Winter around the area.  Not so mild the Winter Sports Complex didn't pack in a full season, but just mild enough to be considered acceptable by most.  Luge, ice skating, snow shoeing, sledding....all enjoyed by more than ever before, but when the season comes to a's time to get to know the Winter Sports Complex without it's blanket of white!  It's time for Earth Wind and Tired!

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Imagine a 5 k taking you thru the woods, with the natural beauty of the Lake Michigan shoreline, the dunes, the cool's a picture perfect to add another notch in your belt for good health, adventure and showing some pride in Muskegon!

I had a chance to get out and talk to Bill Bailey from the Muskegon Winter Sports Complex about the event and we touched on a few other things coming up you may want to jot down on your calendar for the "off season" at the park.  I think you'll see that the "off season" is a lot busier than you think!  Have a listen to the details below!

If Earth, Wind and Tired sounds like your kind of adventure, click on the logo below to get yourself signed up. USE THE PROMO CODE "positive" on check out and save 15% for being a Positively Muskegon reader! (Promo Code valid until March 26th)  If you are coming in from out of town to join the fun... welcome!  We're glad you're making the trek to Muskegon and we hope to see you again!  If you're coming to the Winter Sports'l be treated to one of our true town treasures!  We're glad you came.  If you are a local, already know what we've got here.....ain't we lucky?

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