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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lakeshore - Making a Difference In the Lives Of Many

Imagine being a kid in today's day and age.  It's a big, scary world out there and kids need a positive and assuring role model to help them navigate their way thru it.  Some kids have one parent....some kids have parents working 3 jobs to make ends meet and all kids deserve a chance to have a mentor that is there for them.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lakeshore works hard to make sure that if a child or parent asks, the find a match for them and get them that voice of wisdom, reason and companionship.

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Lisa Hegenbart heads up the BBBS of The Lakeshore in Muskegon and stopped by today to talk a little about being a Big Brother or Big Sister and how many kids are seeking a hand frm a willing adult who wants to put a little time and a little belief into the future and change a persons life for the better!  We talked a little about "Bowl for Kids Sake" coming up in April if you care to be a part of some fun fund raising.

It might seem like a "big" commitment to become a Big Brother or Big Sister, but the reality is you'll change more than one life by being a part of a younger persons.  It's not expensive, it's not impossible and that life you change along with the younger persons.....well, it's yours.  You can click on the logo below and connect with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Lakeshore!

BBBS Lakeshore's Website

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